Friday, January 30, 2009

Back from G-Ville...

Great Times on and off the bicycle!. Video of Big Daddy repeatedly smashing himself into the ground to come. Check Back soon for that!!! Big thankx to ALi and Lindsay for putting us up!!! And to all the locals:Ali,Darden,Reed,Harrington,Quinn,Ty,Gator,Terrell,Tony,
Marcus,Colin,Jeff,Cooke,Will Love,
Nyquist and Mirra for the sessions even though u weren't there,
and anyone else I forgot.

Man of the year....

If you haven't watched yet, then watch now and take notes on how to become a man and step up to the plate.

Friday, January 23, 2009

goin, goin, ...back , back,.. to g-ville, greenville

Me, Daddy, and Brad Jameson bout 10 minutes from jumping in the "WIDE BODY" mustang, hightailing down to greenville for a few days. Video and photo to come.... cya in a few

Saturday, January 17, 2009

More like....."Big Dirty"

I came home today,a day early from doing some shows up in Massachusetts with Daddy, Augie, and Cory to see this parked in front of my house.!! The "Wide Body", "Shinier than Zorro's Sword", seen here Dirty as Fuck and with a 20 inch flat tire. Looks like he owes me another $50 cause I know I'm getting ROPED into fixing this for him!!!...shit

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Quote of the Day...... Big Daddy to Brian Foster....

So while riding the incline club today with Daddy, Foster, Brad Jameson, and a few others, Foster motions a nohander on the deck and big daddy comes up in a tailtap on the ramp were chillin on and says in mid tailtap, "Foster, do what your hearts tellin you and cross your friggin arms for god's sake!!" I guess you had to be there....Fun Day for sure!

P.S Daddy bet foster 5 bucks he couldn't do an x-factor and Foster manned up to the challenge. He told me he bought salsa and cream cheese with the money....

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Lil' bit of Sublicity never hurt......

Random riding clips of Big Daddy from 08' slightly edited to a Daddy freestyle....enjoy! -Brad