Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Happy Holidays

i demand that everyone in the bracket have happy holidays! whether you celebrate christmas,hannukah,festivus,etc. be sure to get fucked up on new years or Big Daddy will eliminate your entire operation! just be safe and remember to chew gum so you don't have beer-dragonbreath.....oh and WEAR A RUBBER....


  1. Spoken by the DADDY. Listen up kiddos!
    He will smash your family heirlooms in one bunnyhop!

  2. The Daddy will instill to all of you the way it should be in BMX.
    1.Work Hard
    2.Wear your helmet.
    3.Talk to all the hot Chicks
    4.Where a Condom.
    5.Have work out plan and eat lots of protein.
    6.Spend enough time in the kitchen.
    7.Ride trails parks and down town new york.
    8.Wear your helmet because you need to convince the latter day saints that BMX is dangerous even though you'll be riding real street in NEW YORK.
    9.Smoke the competition in your muscle car even though you have bikes on the back of your car.
    10.Be a good dude to small animals, women, children.
    All this the Daddy will break down in a detailed manner if you sign up to his unofficial fan club.
    Call me I'm the unofficial leader of the fan club.I'm his unofficial biggest fan.
    Chris Duncan 415 233 3741

  3. sorry duncan,i'm the OFFICIAL biggest fan. daddy even said so himself.

  4. I thought the friggin animal house was BIG Daddy?
    AKA style know?????
    we need more content on this site.
    The people will come.
    Big Daddy, call me I'll be your business manager. I know how seriously
    415 233 3741

  5. duncan,daddy doesn't even read this site. me(deuce) and brad gethard are the only ones that post here. big daddy isn't the most computer literate guy in the bracket if you know what i mean. brad has something dope to post in like the next week,and it won't disappoint!

  6. Big daddy has heat vision.DONT LIE!

    (o) (o)
    I I
    I I
    I I